Parallel Lives

“No, they do NOT have a soul.”, she answered matter of factly.

“So, there is no afterlife for them?”, I asked.

I was thinking, we share a meal, sleep on the same bed, play inside the house on a rainy day and fight on some occasion. How different can they be?

I was in the a freshman in high school then. I don’t really know, but some how, my religion teacher lost some sort of credibility when she said that. How can heaven NOT include my pets? A place of bliss without my cats? Now, that’s a land of make-believe.

The next class after that was Math.

The topic: Lines

Two straight lines that does not intersect (even if you extend it for miles on end)

That was how my Math teacher defined parallel lines. Are my pets and I like parallel lines? Living hand in hand paw, but will never really meet in the end?

That’s just plain sad. I think I like perpendicular lines better. perpendicular^perpendicular


6 thoughts on “Parallel Lives

    1. Thanks narami. I’ve visited the site but was not able to play the podcast due to some problems with the pc I was using. Hope I can find the time to listen to it soon. Thank you in advance 😀

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