Reel Deal: My “Best Movies with a Twist” List

It’s Friday.

Tomorrow is the first day of the second semester. Bummer.

The new photo challenge by DP has not yet been posted.

The same old shitty drama is on the telly.

The popcorn on the shelf is dying to be “popped” but I can’t freakin’ find the right movie to go with it. So the search for a movie for my sad movie night begins.

Sadly, it is not going so well. I just visited a “best movies list“. They listed the best movies with a twist ending (yey!)…and revealed it too (just great). So here I am, listing the “best” movies with a twist that I have seen MINUS the actual ending because I want those who will read this to experience the same punch in the gut that I experienced after the credits roll. Just to clarify, these movies are not necessarily horror films. I’ve since tapered down my consumption of those garden variety Asian horror flicks to ensure that I will live long enough to see my grand kitties. Heart attack and death due to extreme fright are not an option.

I’m not really in the business of making movie review or explaining film genres so just sit back, scroll down, and enjoy!

The Sixth Sense

As a horror movie, this one can probably stand on its own; but it would not have been a cult favorite if not for its ending. This is probably the first movie with a good twist in the end that I really liked. M. Night Shyamalan made a series of other movies (The Village, Devil) with almost similar formula but this one tops them all.


It’s a crime thriller starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as two cops out to get a serial killer. I better keep my description to that.


A guy who was held hostage for 15 years was suddenly released. Several questions popped into my mind. But I’m nowhere near as confused as the protagonist. In between chasing clues and the consumption of a live octopus, Oldboy is one of the most intriguing movies I have seen. Made by one of Korea’s most distinguished director, Park Chan-wook, the ending is sure to freeze your brain for a minute or two.

The Usual Suspects

A certified classic, this movie follows a retelling of a crime plot gone wrong.  The plot itself was very enjoyable but the ending is one of my most favorite.


Whoever said that the “amnesia plot” is just for soap operas has clearly not seen this movie. Not that Guy Pierce’s character had the exact same condition,  but it’s pretty close. I guess you can just watch the film so his character can explain his condition…over and over again.

The Machinist

An extremely thin, barely-recognizable Christian Bale made me grab a copy of this movie on the rental store. Such dedication must surely be paired with a half decent plot. This movie has delivered quite well on that department.

The Prestige

I love this movie not only for its ending but also with how the characters moved with the plot. As much as the actors (again with Christian Bale), credit goes to the film’s director, Christopher Nolan (he also directed Memento)

The Others

This movie came out around the time that Asian horror movies became a big hit in the Philippines. I really didn’t care much about the usual Hollywood scream fest and gore. This movie, in contrast, had a slow and quite pace- just the right setup for good horror movie. In the end, it was me who screamed. I can watch this over and over.


That’s all I can think of for now. If you have any, feel free to share them here.

For those who haven’t seen them try at least one of them. And bring some popcorn, okay. =)


“I see dead people”

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