cestmoiI read. I watched. I listened.

 I still do. I just think it’s time that I write too. ^_^

This blog will mostly contain a mélange of things that interests me: language and  literature, film and other culture, family and country, news and other fascinating issues.

A repository of my thoughts and ideas, my hopes and fears,

I wish to soar and explore. First with words, and then some more

My name is Arianne, and I fly for icarus…<3


7 thoughts on “About

    1. Glad you liked it. It is really cool that I am able to have an exchange of ideas with people miles away from me. Merci mille fois! 🙂

    1. Hi supersaiyan, I had a thought before of drawing weird doodles and pass it off as something like some cool art work…like some funny comic strip series. I love theoatmeal website so really I tried and it was just plain shit. So I went back to the good ol writing blogging shtick. Glad you liked it but your drawings are the bomb!

      Thank you for making a nice comment, making me feel happy inside…hahaha.


      PS. I can’t be sure if you are really a super saiyan because your hair is not yellow and glowing. Call me a purist but that’s just me. 😛

      1. How very freakin’ UNastute of me! How can I expect you to be in a perpetual state of saiyan-hood?!?

        I rest my case. The picture says it all.
        You are a Saiyan after all. 🙂

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