Étranger: Un Défi Photo dela Semaine

I know this post is long over due for a WEEKLY photo challenge. I really liked the topic but I didn’t have the time to do it (READ: LazyMe) so here goes:


I have always dreamed of learning a foreign language (aside from English doesn’t sound so foreign to me). But I was gladly surprised by how much my french classes has changed my perspective towards other culture and way of life. I tried to do some self-study on Japanese but that didn’t really work out. I don’t think that that approach would work well for me.

I guess aside from going to the actual place you want to “get to know” better. the second best way to do so is through learning the language. On my first french class, I totally felt like I was in another planet. Our instructor did will not speak a word of English. It was torturous at first, but now I totally miss it. I can’t wait to go back.

Tu me manques, français!


2 thoughts on “Étranger: Un Défi Photo dela Semaine

  1. While living on earth,
    Thankful to share the comfort of having pets. After having a bad day at work, a puppy is excited to see his master come in the front door!

    1. Thank you 😀 but are you referring to my other post, Parallel Lives? In any case, I agree. My dog and 3 cats are just wonderful =)

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