Why Misery Loves Company

Once there was Misery.
Swimming, breathing, solitary.
It went about its business like you and me.
Lived on its bubble while sipping tea.

One day Company came.
It had color that I cannot explain.
Neither good nor bad.
It didn’t really make one happy or sad.

Misery was curious and somewhat amused,
Of this new fellow that came rolling through.
Things are the same, but not exactly
It’s just that this time, there is Company.

Sometimes it speaks
Sometimes it sings.
The other day it was silent,
Brooding even, it seems.

Misery went about its routine.
Lived on its bubble while sipping tea.
But now Company is here
With Misery, drinking its coffee

“Misery loves Company”
I heard someone say
The reason, I wonder
So I started to ponder.

Not for its mood or songs,
Not because of what it’s given or done,
Despite liking coffee over tea
Misery still loves Company

Even after tea has run cold,
In a bubble drowning in silence,
Misery has company
….and that makes all the difference.


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