My Yearlong Christmas

I’ve been staring at my Christmas presents since Monday. I really want to rip the wrapping papers apart but I made a promise to my sister to open them on the 30th with the kids.  I got most of my gifts last week so this past days have been a very long marshmallow test for me.


Looking at my unopened presents, I was reminded of the number of “gifts” that I already received this year. The only difference between those gifts and the ones before me is that they are mainly things that can’t be wrapped by paper or string. These gifts are the type that reveal themselves before you slowly, and in manners which you least expect them to. Gifts that cheer you up on a random day and those that make you happy for an extended period of time.

Aside from the material things I received this year, I get a feeling of being truly blessed when I stop to consider my everyday presents; good health, great friends, fun moments, more wisdom, good vibes and generally, more love <3.

Last year wasn’t exactly a bust, but this year has been a big leap compared to last. I don’t really know how I got to be so lucky. The year has not been perfect as I also lost some very important things. But generally, it’s just been so amazing, this 2013.

While I somehow believe that some sort of karmic energy had its hand on this good fortune, I can’t just pin all this on my own awesomeness (insert: evil narcissistic laugh^^). A great part of my gifts are made up of (or made possible by) the equally amazing people who’s had burden of putting up with my daily craziness. So,

Let it be known: I have good people on my side!

BUT wait, what good did I do to have these guys on my team?

With all seriousness, what baffles me is that despite being unworthy of these gifts, I am still being wonderfully blessed. Some call it luck,  chance; I prefer to see it as providence since I have been showered by His grace time and time again. It’s really all on Him. All these gifts makes me feel joyful and humbled. The love is just so overwhelming. I am so thankful.

Mon Dieu, je vous remercie et je t’aime…bon anniversaire aussi ^^


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