Reading among Other Things

Read 12 books or more…and write about it.

This is number 3 on my 2013 goals. The first part is not too difficult to do but  writing about the things that I’ve read can be a bit tricky. I could have easily written “make a book review” but I opted to be more vague about it.  I have made some feeble attempts to write one in the past (if one can even call it a review) but I think it’s not really something that I enjoy doing —  book reviews.

I’ve never really been a fan of reviews, on books in particular. Reading has always been a very personal experience for me. It is like having a conversation with somebody but you’ll have to trust that somebody (most probably the author) to fill you in with some out of this world story. It may be about a boy wizard, socialist ideals among farm animals, dating in the eighteen century…the list goes on. The conversation may sound one-sided but it really is not.  Once the words are read, your imagination allows you to take the rein from that somebody and to live out the fantasy in your own mind. This, in essence,provides the reader the unique opportunity to travel.

It might sound like a phony cliché but that has just always been the case for me. In some ways, reading is also like eating. We might be devouring the same book cooked by the same author but we won’t necessarily have the same opinion about it. I guess you can say the same for music, movies and other art form.

But somehow reading is a cut above the rest because we are made to decipher and interpret words that are written. We were given particular clues as to how the places and characters look but I think not everything will be identical in the way our minds project them.

The most recent book I read, The Shadow of the Wind, summarizes my lengthy rambling by this quote,

A book is a mirror that offers us only what we already carry inside us, that when we read, we do it with all our heart and mind” ~Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Happy Reading  



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