Lines, Patterns and Homo sapiens

Lines. Straight, bent, crooked, curved. Alone, they often do not really hold any real significance. But when lines are stretched, bunched together, weaved, inter-laced, crossed, and/or cut, they suddenly create a new pattern, effectively creating a new life of its own.

Very much like humans. 


6 thoughts on “Lines, Patterns and Homo sapiens

      1. Hi Arianne –
        I had sent you an email to your private address in response to your recent comment/question. Guess, you did not receive it.
        I am sorry to tell you this way that Neil has passed away. Now I have moved back to Germany to be with my family and friends to heal my heart.
        Sending you love from Berlin,

  1. I do not believe you when you say you have no sense for photography. 😛 I think you are great at capturing ‘perspectives’ much like how you do in your writing.

    1. Naku Melai! Most of them were just lucky shots. I had to choose from a whole lot of not so good pics. Anyways, thank you! Hope I can finally buy a camera soon ;))

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