Sleep My Little Lion

Just a word of caution: this post is again about my cat. My very dead cat.

It has been a month already since he died. I still catch myself calling him for whatever. When people ask me about him, I don’t feel so emotional anymore. Or so I thought.

I was watching TV the other day when I heard this song played.  They already showed that bit last year as a -plug for the TV show, The River.I thought the song had that tribal vibe, creepy but in a good way. Anyways, I heard the same plug the night that Daks died. The song which initially sounded so upbeat now had a lamentful tone.The words of the song now have a  different meaning for me.

Our little lion is definitely sleeping tonight.  I know I won’t be able to visit his new jungle anytime soon.

It has been a really difficult ordeal.  This feeling of loss has in a way emphasized all the tiny things that I am and should be grateful for. I just feel fortunate enough that I’ve spent some wonderful years with our Daks. I thank my mother for taking the time and energy to care for Daks when I was away for work. For my father who laboriously constructed Daks’ resting place when we couldn’t find a plot to bury him.

I am not religious but somehow I felt that a stronger power was at work all this time. Without Him, I would not have had the opportunity of having such an amazing animal.

Lastly, I thank Sadako for all these years of putting up with my tantrums. I know we weren’t perfect nor did we always treat him awesomely. He was and is simply the most amazing non-human friend that anybody can ever have.

Sleep tight Daks.



7 thoughts on “Sleep My Little Lion

  1. ❤ I know the feeling. I am sorry for your loss, but on the bright side, you were the lucky person picked to have such an amazing animal friend. Some people will never know what it is like to love a non-human being. Your heart is bigger because of Daks. The most important thing is to always remember to show love and sympathy for all living creatures, I am not religious, but I am very close to nature and believe that nature rewards good souls by giving them amazing animal friends, it's like a gift from the world to US.
    In loving memory of Daks. He left a permanent paw print on your heart.

    1. Thank you. Your message is very comforting. Funny you mentioned the paw print because I was actually thinking of that when he died. He did touch my heart with his paws…and i kinda felt him dug his claws a little when he died. Such a curious metaphor. Again, thank you. ;’)

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