Carefree Moments

Daks04 edit no blur

Carefree. I would hazard a guess that for this photo challenge, I will be seeing some jump shots, vacation pictures and lots of childhood snapshots.  What these scenarios have in common is that feeling of freedom from worry and the opportunity to just be. But I don’t really need to look at my old pictures to remind me of a carefree way of living. Once I get home from work or school, that lazy indolent look that my animal friends give me is enough to remind me of what living in a carefree world mean. My pets  do not need to fight for food in the street or worry about sleeping in cold and wet pavement in a rainy Sunday evening.  They most certainly do not worry about monthly bills, deadlines and paperwork. Seeing them lounge so peacefully on my bed has caused me some moments of envy and comfort.

Of all my pets, Daks,  in particular, provides this wordless comfort.  I know I shouldn’t be playing favorites but when you’ve known someone, (even if that someone is NOT of the same species) for ten years plus, it’s really just unavoidable.  

Exactly ten days ago, Sadako, or Daks as we fondly called him became completely free of care, pain or worry. He was also freed from life. As I look at his pictures, I can’t help but smile at how this tiny creature gave us so much love, joy and comfort. He is probably in the most “care-free” environment now but I still wish that he was with us.

Thank you for both the carefree moments and the crazy times. We will surely miss you Daks 😥


12 thoughts on “Carefree Moments

  1. Sorry for your loss. I too lost a great friend of 21 years. My cat Meechee died nearly 21 years to the day I received her as a pet from an old girlfriend.

    She was my companion through thick and thin. She was there through several girlfriends, a marriage and divorce, my college career, multiple jobs and internships, and many a move. She died 4 years ago and yet, she is still missed.

    My version of Carefree:

    1. Wow. 21 years! How I wish I had more time with Daks. But still I count myself lucky to have spent as much time with him. I guess we can just find some little comfort to the thought that your Meechee and Daks are no longer suffering and hopefully in a better place.

  2. sorry to hear about Daks, he looks like a beauty, I love that cute little face. Cats are perfect for this challenge. not a care in the world if they live in a loving home.

    1. You know, I really wish everyone i know has gotten a chance to meet my cat. He just really is amazing. Makes me feel sad and happy. Thanks for your comforting words.

      1. I feel likewise too. I kind of have a soft spot for cats – their sense of cleanliness is totally incredible. We spend time with our pets and after time, we develop a form of fellowship with them. It’s especially hard for us to go on with life in their absence. However, I’m sure he’ll be there with you in your heart, forever 🙂 Stay strong!

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