Masterpiece for Me

You can find them in a theater, a street wall, on a really old church scaffold. They can be a building, or an entire city. Some made by man, and all that is Nature. Some of them can move you to tears. Some will inspire you to dream. Some you won’t ever care for.

But if you’re lucky and you stick to it, one can even be dedicated to you…

Harry Potter



Not a flattering picture of a great series, but please don’t just a book(s) by a poorly taken photo of its paperbacks. Hopefully you can find better “Masterpiece ” photos here.


6 thoughts on “Masterpiece for Me

  1. those books were definitely the unexpected masterpiece of the century! it made a lot of people go back and read, some even directly in english when they didn’t have that habit before.
    and thank you so much for the pingback to Paris… I hope you enjoyed a stroll there before or that you will soon!
    Happy trails and happy readings!

    1. hope to one day read the french version of this book in one of Paris’ cafe. one can always dream πŸ™‚

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