Got Signs?

Signs. Either you get them, or you don’t.
Trash CANAbout the sign: Found on the side of the road in Roxas Boulevard.
My Thought Bubble says: When they say “Non Biodegradable”, I am sure they were NOT referring to this garbage bin 🙂


IMG_3292About the sign:  Taken in Patpong, Bangkok at around 1 am.
My Thought Bubble says:This by itself is just one of those head-scratcher photos. But having found this signage at the known red lights district in Bangkok gave it a whole new meaning, a naughtier one 😉



About the sign: Found this at the inside part of the lid of a shoe box
My Thought Bubble says: Who in the right mind would eat a patch of something from a shoe box. A SHOE BOX!
Better yet, who would think of this warning label. Besides, it doesn’t look so tasty 😀


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