Arianne sans M

Arianne, A History

In the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, bowler Arianne Cerdeña became the first Filipino to win gold medal in the Olympics. Although bowling was only an exhibition game in the Olympics, it has not made this achievement any less remarkable. In fact, I can still feel the excitement in my father’s voice when he explain why I was named so. 

Our conversation was not just triggered by my curiosity but also in a greater degree, my frustration in having so many person with the same name. Perhaps motivated by Cerdeña’s achievement, many girls born in the year 1989 were also given the same name by their parents.

My father pointed out that it shouldn’t really cause me any bother since I, Arianne, was after all, named after a winner. No pressure.

Spelling Dilemma

arianne hot choco

So okay. I’ve got lots of people who share the same name. No biggie. Jen, Ann, Ryan, Paul and a bunch of other people can relate to that. Considering that my name is not uncommon, it drives me nuts to find people misspelling my name quite very often. Some of them, I even consider as friends (feigns hurt expression^^). Worse, they misspell my name even if it was already explicitly indicated on the same page like in Facebook or on my email.

I smell a conspiracy to ruin my day >:|

I think one of my french teacher described it best, “Arianne sans M” referencing on another student of his named Marianne. How hard can that be?

I try not to get irritated anymore. When complete stranger e.g., barista, waitstaff get my name right, it leaves me quite pleasantly surprised. It definitely restores my faith in humankind 🙂 🙂


For the Daily Prompt: Say My Name


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