Beaks on Bricks

Taken from Wat Mahathat...I think^^

Often, we only see things if we know what to look for. Birds are a common sighting in the place where I live but I don’t think I was able to appreciate them enough. They have always graced us with their presence while we continue to make their lives difficult. To take some time to stop and appreciate these animals is really an eye-opening experience. You get to know them a little better. I now know some yellow birds, blue ones, some with a ribbon like tail and a whole lot more (well maybe not that much^^).

Now, my photo takings skills are at the very minimum. I am just literally pointing and shooting most of the time. I was not even aware that there were birds in the picture. I only noticed them while I was looking for a good picture to fit the Weekly Photo Challenge.

I know this picture is not what you would consider as a photographic gem but finding those especially subjects “hidden” and just lurking in the background makes it a winner for me.


2 thoughts on “Beaks on Bricks

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