Culture in Food: Thai-rrific!

Culture is a mix of a lot of different things. It can be defined by a countries religion, language, traditions and beliefs. However, on my recent trip to Thailand, one aspect of the Thai culture that I truly embrace is their FOOD culture.

For me, this does not only pertain to a specific culinary characteristic. Food can define a culture not only through the types of dishes that are abundant in a certain area but also the manner in which that specific region celebrate their own cuisine, the manner in which they partake each meal and also how people serve each food that they cook or create.

It’s amazing how much you can learn about a group of people through their own unique cuisine.

Here are other entries for the Weekly Photo Challenge featuring Thailand.


5 thoughts on “Culture in Food: Thai-rrific!

  1. Hi, I’m Thai, living in Bangkok. Thank you for writing about Thailand. Hope you enjoyed the trip
    If you come here again, you can contact me, i’ll be your guide ^_^

    1. Thanks! Yes! I’ll definitely come back. i haven’t even toured bangkok properly since we went trekking in khao yai instead. I’m already missing the food! Nom nom!

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