Move. Fly. Transform

This photo was taken by my sister on her way back to the Philippines. This is a “stolen” shot. I will have my very own later^^

Sitting, staying still is an activity we do quite a lot. As I type these words, my back is already feeling a bit numb from staying in the same position that I have been on for almost 15 minutes now. Tonight is a humid night, quite hot even. But as I refrain from making any type of movement, I can easily feel the occasional breeze. Tired from a day’s work and feeling full from devouring a sumptuous  home-cooked dinner, this particular moment seems to spells contentment.

But alas, we were never made just for sitting nor was our mind created to stay still. Even as I sit on this same place with a book in hand, my mind drifts into a place of adventure and wonder.

When I made the decision to study a foreign language, i was not aware of how big an impact it would be. No, it did not land me a high paying, jet setting career in an international organization, nor did I snag a french baron or anything of that sort. Little by little, a world entirely different from my own has opened. I started to learn about places and things that I have not known before.

As a typical nursing student in the Philippines, I aspired to go overseas so I can work and earn more money. Riding a plane and goin to some foreign land sounded fun, but only just a little. My mind was still set on things that was related to the actual work. The new environment, the people were just some notion that I never really considered when I dreamt of working abroad. My eye was still on the price. But as I reflect on my current thought on the subject, the idea is no longer that appealing. I can definitely say that my perspective on things has dramatically changed this past years. I am not saying that it has improved or that it has become less ambitious. I just recognize that there was indeed a shift..

I cannot singularly point to a particular event or occasion but I believe that much of it has to do with the people I’ve meet and friends that I have made  in the last few years.

Although my current job keeps me glued to my desk most of the time, I find that my mind has been quite fixated with the idea of flying both in a literal and a figurative sense. This was somewhat a departure from my previous mindset. The thought of being frozen to a specific spot now makes me feel a bit uneasy and restless.

Perhaps what also  fueled this wanderlust are the people I continuously meet, in real life and in the cyber space. Lurking around other people’s travel blog has really whet my appetite to dip my feet into big pool of wonderment.


Just a few hours away from my first ever adventure into a foreign land, I am overwhelmed by several thoughts and feelings. This trip will mark a lot of first for me. This moment is so exhilarating, it is no wonder that a lot of people really get into traveling.

I really look forward to my next travel post, that in itself also excites me.

I’m all smiles right now, off to a new adventure. Wish me luck!

Sawadee ka!


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