Season for Same Old Change

"CHANGE" have never looked so outdated
“CHANGE” have never looked so outdated

Philippines has two seasons; the wet and the dry season. But unbeknownst to most people,, we have a third and equally important season.

The Election Season.

If the rainy season brings devastating storms that ravage an entire city, and if the summer heat can bring out the worst droughts, this particular season can also bring about several losses and destruction. Election season also comes with a number of epidemics and illnesses, like the election fever which can lead to all sorts of problems such as violent tendencies in several election hot spots, grandiose delusion for some candidates and mass hysteria for their supporters.

Just like how people rebuild after a storm or how people start to revamp their wardrobe for the summer, the other thing that makes this season similar to the two conventional ones is its potential to initiate change.

Change. Change. Change.

Hmmm…Truth be told, I am very much skeptical of this concept looking at the current scenario.

Am I to expect change from a septuagenarian and an octogenarian fighting for the mayoralty seat in the country’s capital?

Is it wise for me to hope for change from the sons, daughters, cousins, and spouses of incumbent/ former politicians?

What type of change would siblings in the senate or congress bring?

Not much probably.

Us Filipinos are known for our close family ties but political dynasties are not my preferred expression of this trait.

But like any other period, I just have to brave through this particular season and endure throes of irritating political advertisements (with many of which I find intellectual insulting) and walls full of blown-up faces of these aspiring candidates.

I’m not expecting any major change nor am I about to hold my breath for it but still believe that hope is thing that we can keep.


Written for the Weekly Photo Challenge. 😛


13 thoughts on “Season for Same Old Change

    1. Thank you. I agree, something It’s like we are just following an odd cycle: one step forward, another one backward…Oh, well^^

    1. Your very welcome! I guess I am not just used to writing about some deeply frustrating things^^ but it is indeed worth writing.

  1. There two sides to change, it can be good and bad, but like you say at the end of the post, you have to be hopeful. So, I wouldn’t say you’re entirely cynical!

    1. But certainly not as hopeful as I used to be. I think that is the effects of “reality”. Oh and thanks for reading my post until the end. Not much of a photographer so I guess I put it too much words sometimes 🙂


  2. I hope and pray change will finally happen in our country. One reason I left was my frustration for the politics and the vast inequality of wealth. I heard so much promises, not a single one was really sincere.

    1. It’s great that you were able to find a better life outside ph. And I see what you mean. Worst part is, a large part of the population still continue to depend on this system without actually doing much for themselves.

      At this point, we can only hope. 🙂

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