Thank You for Smoking

Thank you for the nicotine,
the poison was such a gem.
Morning’s just getting better.
until you spat that phlegm.

The smoke, keep ’em coming
That’s exactly what I need.
Not sure about the lady though,
her baby and her kid.

My healthy cells are nothing,
they’re just a tiny speck,
Really, I don’t mind when
you kill them in a sec.

Can’t wait until tomorrow,
to race you on the street.
You seem to love to share, but man
Keep your suicide to yourself.


This NaPoWriMo entry is for the manong I walk with almost everyday en route to work after dropping off the train…. and the rest of the ONE BILLION smokers in existence. You guys deserve a tap on the back…a really heavy tap on the back. 😛

But seriously, smoking kills.

Second hand smoke kills.

Mind over matter.

Good Luck!



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