Social Network: A Commentary for the Daily Prompt

Almost all of the people I know have a Facebook account. A few of my friends are already on Instagram. And some are very much active on Twitter.  Although all people on social media aims to connect with someone, not everyone has the same view or approach on this matter.  For example, people who are into photography or those who just like to take pictures would probably sign up for Instagram while those who like to write and blog are often found here in WP, Tumblr and other blog sites.This is not only evident in the type of social media that we choose to join. It is also reflected by the amount of information we share and the type of things we choose to broadcast. Social media in itself has become a complex world on its own. And just like our physical world, there are things that would encourage me to participate and those that grinds my gear.

To answer the Daily Prompt query, I really think that it is a necessary evil for me at this point, social media. I cannot count how many chores I neglected because Facebook had inexplicably glued me to my laptop for hours on. But I cannot also discount how important, or rather, how we have made it so important in our daily routine. My classmates, for example, has decided to set up a Facebook group instead of the old school Yahoo! groups to share files. This actually make sense since the all of the group members admit that they would indeed check their Facebook account more than their emails plus the exchange of comment and feedback works like a breeze. Social media has really made it so easy for us.

A lot of things have become so convenient but it has also promoted a generation of attention seekers. Now before anyone goes up in arms with this comment, I have been guilty of this as well. I think anyone who denies this suggestion has missed the entire point of social media.

Here is how it typically goes.

1. I create a line/ a picture/ a comment.

2. I click POST or in WPs case, I click PUBLISH

3. I will then forget about it…well not really.

Because the next time I open Facebook or WP or Instagram, something in the back of my mind is curious if someone noticed.

This level of attention-seeking behavior, I think, is expected and is quite normal.

Isn’t it also like in real life? You say something. You shout at a crowd. And THEN you wait for a reaction.

But social media had an effect wherein it has become a numbers game. I find it peculiar that some people will start to promote certain tips on how to get likes/ followers in Instagram.  I don’t want to sound mean but this is quite sad and pathetic. I use that particular service to share some moments with my friends, if some total stranger liked it and it started a conversation, that would be good too. But other than that, I’m not really interested.

Don’t even get me started on the “hey-look-at me” pictures on Facebook. Quel dommage!

Facebook, in a lot of ways may be the worst. I just recently found out that my privacy settings had also changed when Facebook “fixed” how the timeline looked. If Facebook had a dictionary, I don’t think PRIVACY is anywhere on it. BUT, despite of all that, I don’t think I will be hiding under a cyber rock any time soon. Just like any other tool, we have the power (or at least we do until Mr. Zuckerberg decides otherwise^^) to wield it in a manner which we feel is best for us and would benefit us in the long run.

I don’t really think we need to “get” social media. I just hope we use it responsibly and with safety in mind. 🙂


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