Albert is on my Side

This line by THE Albert Einstein is one that I often use to justify the chaos that happens in my work area. Shameless, I know. But the truth is, a pile of unsorted objects and other things does NOT bother me that much. I know some people go OC over these things; but not really for me. On several occasion, both in college and at work, I have been told to have some obsessive compulsive behavior. I am not in denial or anything but a quick peek at my work desk will prove them wrong.  I do recognize that I have a potential to be one. I love the process of re-organizing my things BUT I rarely do this because I know it will take me forever to do so since it may involve (but not limited to) dusting the files, color coding them, putting printed labels on each one, rearranging the file boxes, cleaning and other time-consuming activities. I guess that is where the OC label can come in.

As for the clutter on my desk, of course I would love to keep it clean and organized. However, I have observed that the degree of mess in my work place gradual escalates without me even noticing it. Although that would just confirm my theory that my mind can resemble something like a yummy garden salad, I think it just proves that the way we organize physical things in our environment reflects how our mind processes ideas and things.

I have seen some character on TV before who cannot function if you de-clutter his work place. I, on the other hand, would love to keep it as neat as possible. I even wrote myself a reminder on my cork board to DE-CLUTTER even hour or so. Unfortunately, I often miss the note because of all those mess 🙂

As for cleaning up, I try not to get too absorbed with that activity especially at home. My mother already knows how”lost” I can get if she lets me “re-organize” our bookshelf  so she no longer asks me to do that for her. I usually end up wasting most of the afternoon  re-reading tiny notes, books other objects I find on the pile of things to organize.

For my tiny office space, I always clean up before I go so there is really little chance for the mess to pile up.

My computer files though would be a different story all together. 🙂


For more on this topic, click here.

I can’t believe that my last to two posts are all related to work. I guess that means I’m ready to welcome Monday. I hope you guys are too!


2 thoughts on “Albert is on my Side

    1. Wow, that’s cool! Thanks so much 🙂 Send my regards to Neil. I glad to know that his surgery went well (Yey!).

      Happy Easter! ❤

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