If I were a Boy…

I am a girl. I have been since I can remember…and the last time I checked 🙂 . I thought it would be best to get that out-of-the-way. I love being one. A girl, I mean. It is also one of the clear reasons why I am thankful to be born in the Philippines. Looking at my country’s status through the Millennium Development Goals,  the attainment of Goal # 3 (Promote  Gender Equality and Empower Women) is one that we can be proud of.

From the news of teenage girls getting shot at by the Taliban, to the age old tradition of widow burning, I truly believe that misogyny is deeply embedded into human culture. This, I believe, is evident in religion, politics and other major social institution. Starting with the physiologic difference between a man and a woman, the dividing line seems to go on forever. Even in a country such as ours, I often feel that the sex that I was born in can be a disadvantage.

classic gender switcheroo on anime

I have often pondered what it would be like to be a boy for one day or to even be born as one in another life. Not that I fancy being one, but I think it would be quite a ride to know how much difference I can make. Not much probably. I don’t think it will turn the entire world upside down.

I may try doing some of the things I couldn’t such as walk around shirtless (how liberating that would be! Haha!) or pee standing up. I think statistically, I have a better shot at getting a better job or better position as a man.  But over all, I guess I would just stick to the simple things, like giving my seat to an older lady, or avoid dishing out some indecent stares, or pay enough attention to my significant other. I would also speak out against women violence and abuse. I will spend more time listening instead of just doing the thing that I think should be done. I would also make an effort to clean up after myself.

Without any intention to picture all men as rude, insensitive and useless,  I just feel that with all the perceived “power” that has been given to the male race, they can actually do more for the women and for the world. With great power comes with great possibility, right?

I am not trying to make my sex look like a victim. We have time and time again proven otherwise^^. However, I was quite struck by the impact of male participation in causes concerning women. I have once seen a moving ad for breast cancer advocacy. This one featured a father although out the scene. The same goes for campaign ad featuring men against violence…with Daniel Craig no less!

It left quite an impression because I felt that it is no longer just a problem of the half of the population. I think this is true for most advocacy, may it be on sexual abuse, voting rights, work place equality and others. For most cases there is an actual burden shared by all.  Because despite the long list of difference between the male and female species, we may, in essence, just be the same.



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