Daily Prompt: Déjà vu

Just a couple of hours ago, I was explaining to some of my friends the literal meaning of some common french phrase, like déjà vu, which is literally translated as “seen already”. Seeing this Daily Prompt is in itself a “mini” déjà vu for me.

I think the actual phenomenon has little to do with the sense of sight. Often times, this feeling of deja vu comes in a form of a strange feeling of familiarity. It is that feeling when you know that you have never been to a place but you feel like you have been there before or that you have been in the same situation although you do not have any concrete recollection of such experience.

For me this happens quite often in my dreams. Years before, I had this recurring dream wherein someone or something was chasing me along some narrow alleys. The streets in my dream is just like the one where I grew up. I thought this familiarity is supposed to give me some comfort, but somehow, it just makes it more worse.

It’s not really a pleasant feeling for me, this déjà vu. i  have this weird notion before that having this experience signals that something is wrong with my brain, as if some ganglion had gone haywire or something. It can be a pleasant feeling for me as well on some rare occasion but overall, it is really gives me unsettling feeling.

Meanwhile, this picture also pops into my mind. 🙂

The déjà vu Kitty and Neo

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