Daily Prompt: Give Us, Us Free!

My classmates and I were required to watch Amistad on our third year in high school. It was quite funny because I was intently watching the film when I realized that some of my friends were already slumped on the floor sleeping. But to be fair, the pace of the film was quite slow especially on certain parts which is probably why some of them dozed off.

Aside from being a movie fan, I also love studying history so despite the length of the movie, I was really enjoyed watching it. 

“Give us, us FREE!” – Cinque

Going back to the quote,  It is a bit ironic, but I found the line very eloquent despite the obvious grammatical mishap. I really like it because those four words seems to sum up all the sentiments not only of Cinque (the main character) but also the entire people who were enslaved during that time. The way it was delivered by Djimon Hounsou leaves no room for misinterpretation.

These people want their rights, they want their freedom.


As for my classmates, this part of the film sparked a lot of interest. We were still repeating the words even after the movie. I think it is safe to say that this was one of the few parts of the movie that they will remember.

For me, this line was remarkable indeed.


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