Maslow 2.0: The “Basic Needs” Reboot

Do you have any food or potable water available?

Would it be safe for me to stay here of a couple of minutes?

Are you sure I will be “accepted” in this establishment?

Coming into a restaurant or a hotel, I think it would be a bit obtuse if you ask the staff any of the questions I posted above just for the sake of ensuring that your BASIC needs are to be met.

I came across this picture from my Facebook news feed 🙂

But just like what Lynne from En Route pointed out in her Facebook comment , it is quite common for us to ask if the place that we are to spend a couple of hours on has a wi-fi connection. The fact that this question has popped into our heads on several occasion can only suggest that the need for us to be connected to the world-wide web is slowly becoming a constant expectation if not an outright essential.

I really don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The picture above can be considered a bit of a hyperbole; but with us humans, an exaggeration today may already be the norm in the future.


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