Cloudy with a Chance of Marvelous



I live in a typical residential area in Manila, and no, this is not in one of those posh neighborhood in Makati or Paranaque where politicians and movie stars live. The building and houses are not exactly picturesque but for me this is home.

Partially cloudy, but mostly beautiful 🙂


About the Pictures

I got a bit excited about using this app called instaweather , so I went on our roof top and started taking photos of the view from my house a couple of weeks ago. I took a photo of almost the same view on a different date and time hoping to capture the color of the sky so I can compare. Unfortunately, the stamp blocked some of the details of the images and I was not able to save the unaltered images.

I was a bit adamant to put up these pictures for the Weekly Photo Challenge since the pictures have been heavily altered by the app I was using, but I think it’s one of those things that comes with using my mobile as a photo capturing device. The ease in which I can edit and share my pictures are one of the top reasons why I use it more often than my regular camera.

What do you guys think?  ðŸ™‚


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