Force of Nature

Taken on October 2, 2011 at the Manila Bay after the Typhoon Pedring

For some foreign tourists who spend their summer in one of the lovely beaches in the Philippines, the tropical weather is a great departure from the usual dreary weather that they find back home. But as Sunshine Corazon once pointed out, it’s always sunny in the Philippines…except during the rainy season 🙂“.

There’s nothing quite like a stroll along the bay side after a nasty storm. Years before, we decided to walk around the same area after typhoon Milenyo. It was quite incredible to see decades-old coconut trees laying down the pathways. I thought that typhoon was particularly strong since it was able to tear down those seemingly invincible trees.

Looking at the picture above, I think “strong” is an understatement if I were to describe Typhoon Pedring. The area was not just damaged, it was demolished. Several parts of the sea wall were nonexistent. All kinds of garbage were mixed in the rubble. It was as fi someone took Thor’s hammer and started smashing it on the baywalk. The sight was just incredible.

Being on the receiving end of nature’s wrath, I hope the way we respond to these disasters improve continuously. Each calamity is a learning opportunity. Manila Bay has now been restored but it took more than a year to do so. However, I don’t think this scenario is just a one time thing. Nature has a way of proving us wrong at the most inopportune time. Sometimes all we can do is to react and prepare as much as we can to avoid loss of life and to decrease damage to property and infrastructure.

Where nature is concerned, preparation is our best tool in moving forward.


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7 thoughts on “Force of Nature

    1. With how thing are going, with climate change and all, I don’t think we will be the only once to get hit by these incredibly strong weather conditions. Best not to forget our umbrella 😀

  1. When I came to Manila, I was so surprised at the panic it brings to peole when in Bicol it’s such a natural occurence. People here have a tendency to blame it in climate change. If it’s such the case, why then are the peple of Bicol have no problems responding to a typhoon? Simple. Th people in Manila have overpowered nature and have become too complascent.

    1. Living in a “city jungle” has made us feel quite secure, but when nature decides to make herself felt, not even the ultra modern city design can escape.

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