Review over a Cup of Coffee

Reviews. They are everywhere, From movies, video games, books, gym equipment, food etc. I have not really written a review before so I decided that I will start small for my first attempt. For now I will leave the movie review to Roger Ebert and the video game reviews to the throes of geeks/gamers. So here goes.

Movies, books, and food. What do they all have in common? They are important aspects of our lifestyle often providing us with a little flavor and fun especially to an incredibly boring day.

Just like my ever dependable COFFEE CUP!

photo (1)

Since I use it everyday, I think it deserves a tiny space in my cyber world as well. Never mind that, I know you guys are dying to know more about this interesting merchandise 😀

I bought it from Saizen, a “Japanese store” that offers a bunch of goods (which I believe are popular in Japan) but are curiously made mostly in China. I bought one for my friend but with another design. It comes in four designs: a frog, a bear, a pig and a cat. As a rule, I gift things that I also like. This case was no different. I really like the frog cup that I bought but it was no longer available when I went back. I was not too keen to buy another design that I wasn’t crazy about. But the pig really grew on me so I decided to go back and buy it only to learn that it was no longer there.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks. the stocks were replenished but still no frog. BUT WAIT THERE’S MOAR^^…in the corner I saw a cat. Now, it was not on display before so I was guessing this was from the new batch I would have jumped for joy had it not been too cramped on the aisle that I was on. And so, for P88 ($2.16), I got myself a cup that screams “Kawaii!”

Now you know the back story. let’s get down to business.

Here is the summary of my review:


  • Cup comes with a cool cat cover
  • Cover can also be used as a saucer…and a paper weight 🙂
  • The cat design is just so adorable^^
  • Its size — some finds it a bit too small but for me this is just right.


  • Not ideal for other type of beverage like juice, water, etc. 
  • No indication if it is microwave-safe. I’m not planning an experiment to establish some facts though.
  • Compared to the other designs, the words written on this cup doesn’t really make much sense. “If you want” [front], “hmm yummy” [back]
  • I think it’s prone to discoloration.
  • poor fish ;(

I can’t really think of anything else to add. But considering all those things, I am really quite happy with this coffee cup.


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