Unique: A WordPress Photo Challenge


“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.”
― Deepak Chopra

Just like this dried speck of leaf, everything else in nature is different and non-identical. It may be a shape, a smell, a genetic anomaly that separates us from the next living thing. The difference may not be too obvious because uniqueness is a trait that is all of us share, which does sound a bit like a paradox.

Looking at this tiny specimen, I somewhat feel envious for the mere fact that its purpose does not seem too complicated to figure out. Us humans on the other hand, may spend all our lifetime figuring out our purpose in this jungle called life. 

Regardless of the reason for our design, I guess I will just hold on to the idea that I was also given the ability to decide what to make of this uniqueness. 

Though I think I will have to work harder than this piece of leaf to do so.



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