Nutty Notes

The month started quite well for me, but the ending…not too much.

Today isn’t just the end of the month for me. It would also be the last day that I can say, “I’m 23.”

I’m not so psyched about the idea of growing another year older, if truth be told.

It’s neither vanity nor age-consciousness.

I place the blame on the Australian Open.

Yes! That same sport event that brought me a lot of excitement has also put me in a somber mood.

As young as 19, these athletes have so much to show already. I’m not just referring to their titles and their sports achievements, but also with the life experiences they gained on the road to wherever.

I know it is never wise to compare your life with someone else’s; but it is always so tempting.

Silly and stupid. That’s probably how this post would sound like a day or a decade after.

I can’t seem to move fast or high enough to reach that something I so hope for.

Age is just a number, I know.

But time is still flying away in a speed that age can’t even seems to measure.

I really look forward to that day when these words will feel like nothing but some melodramatic rant of an “almost 24-year-old girl”.

If that happens when I’m thirty or forty, I have yet to know.

But writing about it made me feel slightly better,

I think.


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