Room of Doom: A Post for the Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt:

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

A close guess would be a dementor or a room full of cockroaches.

BUT for my greatest fear, it’s not a question of what is in the room. The more important question for me is what is NOT.

Fear. Often we think about things that scares us. Bugs. Blood. Snakes.

Scary? Absolutely. Fearsome? Perhaps.

But for me, a deeper and more primal kind of fear is the thought of losing the things we value the most. From the superficial things like money, our gadgets, cars (which I don’t have^^) to the more serious stuff like our job, our family, and even, our life.

Going back to that room, it would probably be a room of darkness, without light or any source of stimulation. A room of nothingness.

Boredom kills.

Uncertainly of what lurks beneath sure is scary.

But I think what would drive me mad is not having my family around me.

The thought itself scares me.

So, I take a step back to leave that room.

Light. Familiar faces.

Back to reality.



6 thoughts on “Room of Doom: A Post for the Daily Prompt

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