Salut 2013, Adieu 2012. Bonne année et bonne santé!


We don’t really celebrate thanksgiving in the Philippines but I guess our long Christmas and New Year’s celebration will be a perfect substitute.

2012 has been awesome. New job, new school. new friends and a new blog. After several calamities and tragedy, I know that a lot of people wouldn’t have  much reason to celebrate this year. This makes me appreciate what I have even more.

A big thanks to my friends and family, readers, fellow bloggers and to all my followers( I never really thought that I’d even have one ^^).

I am most thankful for all the things that I learned this year. I felt that my brain got way too fat for me this year with school and work stuff. This has really been an inspired year for me.

Not everything was perfect, Not everything I did was a success. But despite or perhaps because of these things, I hope I was able to give a better version of ME to the world.

In a few hours, we will now be welcoming the new year. A new opportunity to reach our goals and to really soar.

This has been my 7 day of posting for the Weekly Writing Challenge, so I’ll keep it short. I still need to get ready for the New Year’s celebration. More jumping and shouting for me later this evening.

I wish everyone a FUN-tastic and safe partying tonight and more importantly, a blessed 2013!


4 thoughts on “Salut 2013, Adieu 2012. Bonne année et bonne santé!

    1. Maybe it’s just a matter of timing. Think about it but don’t take too long^^. I’ve no doubt that you can do it too!

      2013 is yours for the taking =)

      and yes, my niece is my mini-me 😀

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