I for Inspired

Completing the Weekly Writing Challenge of writing a post for each day in an entire week has been amazing so far. I couldn’t have come at a better time. Coinciding with the Christmas and New Year holiday, time is not really a problem for me. I do my choirs in the morning, read, relax and do other stuff. This is a rarity. Often, my reason for the lack of a blog post for more than a week is lack of time. Now that I have enough in my hands, I now face the dilemma of finding a topic that would inspire me to write. I would like to put an emphasis on the word INSPIRE.

Anything under the sun is a topic but not all of them would really make me want to grab my computer and start typing. The daily prompt has really been a big help. Unfortunately, something inside my mind often rejects the idea provided to me. I can’t seem to find the spark. I have a lot of ideas, things that I believe would be interesting enough to blog about. But just when I am about to, my interest slowly fades away.

I guess this what separate would-be-writer like me from the dedicated writers and bloggers I get to encounter in and out of WordPress. Thinking about it, it does not just apply with writers. I find that the best people to work for/ with are those people who are just plainly inspired. Try watching any sport. You will find that the most tenacious athlete are those who have a deeper motivation to succeed. A keen spectator will easily weed out a fighter who is simply there for the money from an athlete who is hungry for a win.

As a student, while my classmates pray to pass the exam or to get good grades, I usually find myself praying for inspiration.  I believe we are given all the right tools; the right idea, the right words, to do what we want to do. However, sometimes, we get complacent, sidetracked. We find excuse to make exceptions; but, before we know it, the excuses has now become the norm.

This simply writing exercise had taught me couple of things. It has been fun so far, but challenging as well. Perhaps, most of the things I write or will write are will not be considered the best. BUT just simply making the effort to participate is already a step forward.

The new year is just a day or two away. I bet the social media and even the blog world will be full of new years resolution for 2013. Taking in my experience in the writing challenge, I will simply take it one day at a time. Failure does not come in a day, nor does success for that matter.

So for the new year, I wish everyone, from my fellow blogger to my friends, to have a year full of inspired moments.


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