A Reason to Write and Just Do it

My love affair with reading has started after wandering on the pages of my first few books. The feeling of excitement and wonder from a phrase here and there never gets old. But words and phrases did not appear from thin air. With every typed letters and words lies a conjurer of thought. A craftsman. A writer. A wizard.

Yes, I love reading and in turn reserve a certain degree of respect for those who inked the words that I so enjoy. Of course not all writer are the same. Some I have grown to love and revere, and  some I care nothing for..

Most people would assume that because I love reading, it should also follow that I get into writing as well. However, looking back, I think the opposite is true for me. For instance, when poetry writing and fan fiction was all the rave in high school, I never bothered to join the fray. Somehow, all those amazing reads has led me to have to a mild aversion towards writing. I guess at the back of my mind, everything or anything that I write is either sub-par or unoriginal.

BUT all that has changed when I started reading different kinds of blogs…and when I read the Twilight series.

Two takeaways. ONE. Some of the most interesting things that you can read online are written by average everyday netizens just like me. Amazing! And TWO. Having an international bestseller (and a movie franchise) does not make anyone a great writer, not even a decent one for that matter. Mean, I know. but that’s for another post. >;)

Another cool thing I learned from reading other people’s blog is that a good writer may or may NOT have been born as one. As it turns out, becoming a writer is a process, just like writing is also a process. It takes practice. Lots of them.

I don’t really aspire to become the next JK Rowling but I figured that writing is not really that bad. Well, I’ve actually grown to like it. I love that sense of accomplishment after I click the ‘Publish’ button. Or when someone from across the world is able to relate to a topic that I am quite fond of.

This is not my first attempt to write in a blog, When I revisit my old post from my previous blog, I feel more encouraged knowing that one day, I will again have something to show and look at for a certain period of my life.

Roughly six months have gone by since I started posting here. So far, I can say that the experience has been greatly positive. I promised to post a minimum of 5 post in a month and I am happy to say that I have met this goal and even surpassed it on some months.

Achievable goals, the key to success. Once again, my favorite author is right on that matter.

For this week’s writing challenge, we are asked to post everyday for a full week. I was actually thinking of doing this for the entire month of February. A timing “warm-up” for me, Again I hear it. ACHIEVABLE GOALS. This makes perfect sense.

I’ve got some ideas for a topic but I often find myself hesitating. The title for the challenge couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s time for me to stop over-analyzing each word.

Can I do it? Would YOU give it a try? Only one way to find out =)


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