Surprise!: A WordPress Photo Challenge


No. The picture does not scream surprise. But for me it does.

For any special occasion, may it be for birthdays, graduations and Christmases, books have always been one of those things on top of my wish list.  It’s something I want but rarely get as a gift, which is okay since I love the actual process of buying my own books. It really hard to explain, but shopping for books can be a bit ritualistic for me. Flipping, sniffing, feeling the pages, like a psycho. O_0

When I heard that JK Rowling’s new book came out, I was excited but not as much as I was when a new HP book was released. But still, if I can get my hands on them, that would be fantastic. I thought of adding Casual Vacancy on my wish list but decided that it might be a bit out of my budget (and for my friends for that matter ^^). I decided to putting two other books on the list but my friend lent me her copies instead. I was able to finish one of them already, so I declared my book-craving satisfied.


When the wrapped gift was handed out to me, I can’t explain how happy I was. I already knew that it was a book from the shape and feel of it. Just knowing that I was getting a book for Christmas made me really excited. I really had no I idea what book it was. Looking back, the greeting card that came with it gave a clue on the title but I guess I was too excited to notice.

I was planning to open it on Christmas day but my curiosity got the better of me. I took a peek inside and the colors yellow and red-orange greeted me.

WOW. Just wow.

No need to see the entire cover. The mystery was solved. Surprised, elated  and extremely grateful.

It’s actually a bit weird that the first hardbound book that I will own is that of JK ROWLING, but NOT Harry Potter!  I don’t mean to sound too materialistic but there’s really something special about unexpectedly receiving a gift that you really, really, REALLY like.

Talking time’s over for me. Now, it’s time for this book to fill the vacancy on my bookshelf or better yet, to occupy my free time. :D:D:D


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