Multiple Reflections

Double Reflection

Reflection. The word itself is loaded with meaning. Visually, it is often related to a mirror image. With the right lighting, an image can bounce from one surface to another. However, it is interesting to note that reflected images are seldom perfect nor exact. Even a “mirror image” of something is not an exact replica of the one on the other side. A change in angle or light tweaks the original which, in turn, creates a new picture altogether.

Reflection can also be interpreted as “a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation

I find this definition somewhat intriguing. If I “meditate” on this exact moment, I could then form a thought, idea or opinion that can then be considered as a reflection.

Wow, what an idea! Either I am a perfect example of brilliance OR I’m just plain bored. The latter most probably. 😀

Going back, I decided to start my “meditation” by focusing on the photo I picked for this photo challenge. I look intently at the silver sculpture at the back trying to see what image it caught.  Notice how similar yet different the image is from the actual picture. The poles are bent, the images slightly distorted and from there I can see the back of the main subject and a tiny unrecognizable reflection of my brilliance *evil laugh*.

Looking further, I stumbled upon another reflection on the photo, less obscure but more subtle. This is not an actual visual reflection though. I see it staring, smiling back at me. I turned my attention to the woman in the picture. How can this subject represent a reflection?

Not intending to sound too philosophical,  I think everyone we meet is in some way a reflection of us, and us to them.

Just like I said earlier about reflection, I guess you can call me as an imprecise reflection of the people around me, not really a mirror image but somehow a snippet of who they are. I think this is true not only with the people closest to us but for most people we get to interact with in our lifetime. Although, of course, the nearer we are to the mirror, the reflection gets clearer and more defined.

I hope that this rings true for me and the woman on the picture. Despite our differences, I hope that one day, I can proudly claim that I am a positive reflection of this beautiful person. Because there might not be a greater compliment for me than for people to say that I am in many ways  like my mother.


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