Fight or Flight on a Terrible Night

Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

After a long and tiring day of window shopping for Christmas,  I just want to lie down my bed with my legs raised. That would be a great way to cap off a very busy day.

But they had other ideas.

Hearing the frantic “flapping” of its wings trigger my alarm. My mind, which was moments before was about to enter into a “rest” mode, suddenly shifted to one of suspicion.

I am seldom wrong with this thing. It is not intuition. It’s more like hyper-sensitivity.

A sudden passage of a mysterious shadow, a whiff of its natural stench. But the sound is often the worst as it signals an oncoming attack.


Okay, maybe just one but often, if the weather is just right for them, they come in droves. And this night, unfortunately, is one of them.My senses has not failed me. It is not paranoia. As I see it dancing drunkenly into the air, I knew that this will be one of those nights.

My heart starts to raise. I tried to keep my wits with me, trying to remember those KEEP CALM t-shirts. I could certainly do with a shirt like that, just so I could swat its ugly face.

I attempted to make my attack with a certain degree of trepidation.

We have played this game before:  I move. it flies. I scream. It hides…only to attack in the most inopportune time.

And it did just that.

Knowing that it lurks quietly behind the curtains waiting, is worse than seeing it sashay its despicable being towards a vulnerable me. I hope to claim victory tonight.  I tried to swallow the scream but in my sorry attempt, I lost all my resolve. With my only weapon, a broom in hand, I decided to run to my father’s room, but before I reach my destination. Another one appears out of nowhere. I let out a scream…and a curse to boot.  Fuuu…!

The attempt to FIGHT is over. I care nothing about my pride, my only concern is my sanity. FLIGHT MODE- ON!

My father was not happy with what he considers as another display of my craziness. I was not happy with him as well since he was not able to put them down.

I just stayed in his windowless room as wait for my mother, the REAL Housewife HERO of San Andres. At that point I was still too rattled and scared to try and rest. The arrival of my mother already had an instant calming effect.

The bad guys are defeated BUT I know they will be back. And just like a badly written script, my hero won.


NOTE: No actual picture of the said event is necessary. Request for pictures of the baddies WILL NOT be entertained.


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