Greenhouse, Pinoy-style

Having a lot of nature photos made it difficult for me to choose a “green” entry for this week’s Photo Challenge. I just decided to post two scenes which features one of my country’s landmark structure, the Nipa Hut.

A Nipa hut with non-human residents *cluck*

This nipa hut was created mainly for live stocks;hence the slight variation on the material used for the roof. But I bet those chickens are getting a goodnight sleep considering how cool and airy it is to sleep on one especially on a hot summer night.

an “upscale” Nipa Hut.

This is the nipa hut lounge area/ bar in front of the Sofitel Manila. The picture was taken after an intense stormy weather. I think they were trying to dry these huge throw pillows.

Field of Pineapples…I bet there is a Nipa hut somewhere around that area.

Minus the risk of a mosquito or cockroach attack, I’d be really happy to spend my nights on one of these nipa huts. It’s a bit difficult to explain to people who are so used with modern accommodation; but there is really something special about them.

Sleeping on bamboo beds while looking at the bright moonlight from the window;

the gentle breeze lulls me to sleep.

What a way to end the day, I wish.


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