Silhouettes: A WordPress Photo Challenge

Pictures taken against the light. It’s like coming into a room after a day spent under the heat of the sun. Different but still beautiful.

It was a lovely afternoon with nothing much to do. My mind started to drift so I decided to peek into our rooftop where my father was working on some wood work. I was actually imagining him as a serial killer sharpening his tools in broad daylight. After that iconic shower scene in Psycho, I don’t think anyone can fault me for such twisted thoughts 😀

I often pass by this particular metal sculpture everytime I go to the park. I honestly didn’t get the form that it was trying to project until I chanced upon this view. I think it’s a bird, but I can’t be sure.

I’ve used this photo before in my first DP photo challenge but I was not able to really use it because I had some words added onto it. With or without the words, I just really like this picture.


8 thoughts on “Silhouettes: A WordPress Photo Challenge

    1. Thanks Barbara! the psycho scenario didn’t really work on this picture since I can easily recognize my father’s shadow, definitely NOT psycho =)

  1. I especially like that shadow picture at top. Great angle and the shadow with the clouds gives it a very curious quality.

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