Daily Ride: A Weekly Photo Challenge


A typical work day would start and end here. At the train station.

Trains mean different things for people from different parts of the world. Thinking about trains in Japan would make me think of something fast and ultra modern. Trains in Europe makes me think of beautiful mountainside montage.Without a hint of exaggeration (or maybe just a little) I may just pee in my underpants if I am given the chance to ride the Hogwarts Express 🙂

But I must go back to reality.

My romantic ideas about trains were crushed the first time I took a ride on that beast shown above. The sheer amount of people taking the train is enough to discourage others. But not me.

I may not love it but it takes me to places…safe and fast.

Inside the overcrowded scene which plagues every passenger, our imagination gives us reprieve. Inside the old “hand-me-down” train, I let my mind wander through the picturesque views of Mount Fuji aboard the shinkasen. The reverie stops at the sound of the alarm.

That’s my stop.

à demain, le train…

To all working class citizens, let’s keep the faith and have a safe trip home 😀



3 thoughts on “Daily Ride: A Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. that is still a hogwats’ train if it takes you to imagining Mt. Fuji 🙂 it’s about the journey they say, but having to ride in that kind of train is another unique story.

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