Way with Words: A Weekly Writing Challenge

Hmmm..a few of my favorite things. Writing for this topic isn’t as easy as it sound because of one word.


There are a lot of things in this world I love. Food is just one thing, but again the list of food goes on and on. Gadgets, books, daily necessities. It’s just too difficult to choose. So I just decided on choosing someTHING intangible. So after thinking it through, I present to you, my favorite thing….

You add a couple of letter, sometimes one can suffice and…tada! You have a WORD!

Can you just imagine a world without words. No blogging, talking, writing or communicating. Well, maybe we will still manage. But since I can remember, words have been a surprisingly constant cause for fascination. As a kid, I treat it as a challenge to learn a new word every so often. When classes get a bit boring for me, I play games with words. I was not yet a fan of writing then. So what I usually do is pick a long word, or at least one with a good combination of letters. From there, I’ll start formulating other smaller words and see how many I can make in a specific time frame.20120905-192720.jpg

I know it does not sound like the most exciting/ cool game invented but it sure made those times less boring.

A big part of writing is choosing the right combination of words to create noteworthy sentences or phrases. I sometimes find myself repeating a line from a book or a song simply because of how the play on words caught my attention.

Words on its own has its meaning but how we use it in our everyday conversation makes it even more fun. Language is often described as “dynamic”. As the culture progresses, the evolution of words in our own language and that of the rest of the world is inevitable. Indeed,, the clever reinvention and use of words is one of the best way to demonstrate the liveliness of everyday language.


Every now and then, a word would creep into my head and would decide extend their stay. This week one that holds that distinction is the word ASYMPTOTE.

noun \ˈa-səm(p)-ˌtōt\

: a straight line associated with a curve such that as a point moves along an infinite branch of the curve the distance from the point to the line approaches zero and the slope of the curve at the point approaches the slope of the line

— as·ymp·tot·ic adjective
— as·ymp·tot·i·cal·ly adverb

Bon Septembre!


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