Free Spirits: A Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Kittens in a box.
I know this picture is not something you immediately associate with free spirits but allow me to explain.

On this exhibit, we see kittens on a box. Scrambling to get out – whining, mewing and possibly, plotting against humanity. Perhaps I’m putting too much meaning onto this. Maybe they are just plain hungry and I’m only just a cat-crazy person with nothing better to do than to psycho-analyze my feline friends.

I’ve had dogs as well. Put a bunch of puppies in a box and you’ll probably die of cuteness within seconds. Some of them may be content to stay there and sleep while some might even try to get out. They will not bark or whine. Rather, they will use their cuddly charm to get their way. Nothing angst-y or rebellious.

Kittens,  on the other hand, can only look at them with disdain and disgust. Regardless of the physical limitation set upon to these tiny creature, you will see their clear resolve.

“Meeeeow. Meow. Meow. Meow.*Silen..* Meeeeeeoooooowwwww!”

“You can put our bodies in a box, but never our soul!”, they seem to say.

Rarely would I see a cat who is comfortably staying in a constrained and highly controlled environment They seem to thrive well in places that are difficult to reach; on top of a ledge, on a window sill etc. I don’t think it’s a quest for comfort or complacency. I feel that they are only seeking to be free. An opportunity to just BE.

Yes, I know my interpretation of several hours of mewing may sound too complicated for such diminutive creatures. But having spent more that a decade of living with them, nothing is too complex for a cat.


4 thoughts on “Free Spirits: A Weekly Photo Challenge

    1. nice to look at, but when they start to crawl up to my legs, It’s like someone’s trying to tickle me with a bunch of needles =)

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