Harry Potter: A Love Story

I know it might sound weird for people to hear someone speak so passionately for what is generally considered a children’s book. But for the millions of readers, both young and old who have felt the same enthusiasm and loyalty to the series, I know they would understand. Give me a nudge though, if you’re one of them too 😀

Before, I would probably go up in arms whenever someone refers to Harry Potter as mere children’s book. However, after getting past that phase of obsessive adoration, I have come to realize that the books that made a lot of impact in my life and perhaps other readers as well, are those that we have read when we were young(er), children’s books most likely. I felt that I was able to relate more to the book with a greater understanding of its true message than I did during those times. To sum up the series would be daunting task, but one that I would hazard to try.

For me, JK Rowling has written the most magical love stories of all time.

“A what? Magical? Yes. But a love story?”

Yes, LOVE. But in this case, maybe it would be more apt to call it stories of love.

The typical love story is probably best related to the likes of romantic novels such as Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet etc). But as in real life, love comes in many shapes and sizes. One of the things that I find enchanting about this series is how Ms. Rowling has cleverly crafted a story that showed how different types of love can drive people towards certain acts or disposition (may it be good or bad) which ultimately affects their over-all person.

Perhaps it is a love of a friend who stays loyal and true. A friend who stands behind you even with the possibility of defeat. Or even worse…death.

Or the love for family. The sacrifice that comes from the love of a parent to her child that will protect him till the very end.

It can even be the love for power, status and money.

Love is truly such a powerful thing. The lack of it almost surely spells a person’s doom. In fact, the main antagonist, Voldemort is not really a hateful soul, driven by vengeance, hatred or lust. He neither cares nor craves for love. A person who has never been loved cannot miss what they never had. He is just probably sad or crazy.

Although Harry Potter also had its romantic moments, I was really happy that the novel didn’t really revolve around this aspect of the story. Nothing against your garden variety love story but I just feel that the sacrifice of a parent or a friend is no less than the typical portrayal of love in books, thus deserving of more pages from a novel/ book.

I know, it’s far from being a perfect book but I will always feel fortunate to have read the series when I did. It taught me how to appreciate a well written work and raised the bar for all books that I will read in the future. It trained my mind to dream, explore and imagine. Above all, it taught me lessons in life and love subtly embedded among the great halls of magic that I will never ever forget unless hit by a memory charm ;]

J.K. Rowling said in an interview that she was approached by a fan who told her that Harry Potter is her childhood. It has since been referenced and echoed by scores of Harry potter fans, me included. I guess for our generation there won’t be a novel that would have as great of an impact. For that alone, I will be forever grateful. ❤


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