Arithmancy + Divination = Biostatistics

As a fan of the series for more than a decade, becoming a Hogwarts student has always been my ultimate fictional fantasy. It doesn’t really matter if Harry, Ron or Hermione are no longer students there, as long as I can walk the same halls that they had or take classes that they had attended. After 12 years, imagining myself in a sorting hat stills make me giddy.

Alas, I know these are nothing but a figment of my overactive imagination fueled by the vivid writings of the queen, JK ROWLING.

Taking up a master’s degree on Public Health, my education has come a long way, but in no way nearer to stepping into the great hall, the dungeon, or even the forbidden forest. However, my dream persists…

Earlier today for our Biostatistics class, the topic discussed was demographics. On it, we were taught how to compute for the estimated population for an x amount of time using some formulas and a bunch of other calculation related to population estimation.

Years after my last math class, it was quite challenging to activate that part of my brain in charge of analyzing numbers. It has never really been a favorite of mine, Math. All it reminds me of are lemniscates, planes and a whole lot of x’s and y’s. But it was quite fascinating to see how numbers can be used to foresee things, used in actual everyday living.  I know, I know…”foresee” might not be the perfect word for this science.

As I sit there, silently allowing my neurons to do their job, a part of my brain was left to drift into Platform 9 and 3/4. Before I knew it, I was already transported into that foggy, nauseating room on the North Tower.

Although Divination was not a subject highly regarded by Harry or even by most wizards, I bet Divination  have a lot of enrollees, if we are to be suddenly welcomed by the magical community to take their classes.

The exercises given by our professors woke me back to reality.

Calculation time! The exam results were neither good or bad. I think my mind had brought too much fog from the Divination room. Maybe the fog is what drew Hermione away from Divination and into the claws of Professor Vector and Arithmancy

Why in Dobby’s name would Hermione take Arithmancy. Muggle Studies, I could quite understand. But to voluntarily enroll in a class for Math…that I am not too sure. To be fair though, not much details were given as to what goes on inside an Arithmancy class. Maybe I’ll ask Ms. Rowling if I run into here.

Going back to my Statistics class, although it is the most challenging, the things I learn and the possible application in my career is what I find most attractive in this subject. Back in my undergrad years, I was able to take up several Math classes, mostly for Calculus. I never really took the lectures to heart because I was not able to fully appreciate its application in real life. A mathematician would probably tell me otherwise but still, it has never really been fun for me to start with.

It is odd though that after years of shying away from numbers, it is slowly but surely growing on me. I figured that when you make an effort to make the class fun and exciting, it is well translated into reality.

A little bit more imagination wouldn’t also hurt.

For now, Biostatistics would be my poor substitute for Arithmancy and Divinations 😀


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