Songs with a Bang!

My brother had me listen to this song which was covered by Natalie Lungley. I know it’s not exactly new but since I don’t listen to the radio as often as I would want, it’s really cool to discover a new song to obsess on.

I totally dig the beat of the song. Part of the chorus reminds me of a tune from an old song that I really like. I enjoyed Natalie’s version but the song really intrigued me so I looked for the original. Foster the People seemed so laid back,  as if their just telling a story about someone they knew. And boy, what an intriguing story it turned out.

It talks about a scenario that has sadly become too common in the US, mass murder, school shooting, and senseless killings. In the light of the recent Colorado shooting, I wonder if it’s time Americans reconsider their definition of terrorism or the status of gun control in their country. But that’s probably for another post :]

It is not the first song in music history with a dark message. It also somewhat reminded me of Aerosmith’s Janey’s Got a Gun. The song (I think) was about a girl who “got a gun” after enduring years of abuse from her loving dad. Mentions of gun and violence aside, I do have a soft spot for songs, stories and movies that masks its real intent with cheeky sarcasm.

Initially, I thought the cheerful tune of Pumped-up Kicks is a bit of a mismatch for such dark contents. But as I listen to the song,  it well complemented the lyrics of the song, making it  creepier and more ominous.

In any case, I’d love to hear more songs from Mark Foster and his people :]


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